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22 Apr 21
Drone Delivery in India

Drone delivery could soon become a reality in India. Entrepreneurs from all marketing backgrounds endeavor to apply drones in their respective fields to employ convenience, more excellent safety, and ease-at-work.

19 Apr 21
The Evolution of Drones - 2017 to 2021

Evolution of Drones - The journey of Unmanned air vehicles from being perceived as toys to being utilized in full potential across a broad spectrum.

22 Mar 21
Drones in Agricultural Industry

The contribution of the agricultural sector to the country’s GDP in the year 2020-21 is a whopping 19.9% that is nearly 1/5th of the total GDP. Yet, it is disheartening to see this sector facing a large number of issues on daily basis leading to the loss of not just crops but VALUABLE LIVES as well!

18 Mar 21
Unmanned Aircraft System Rules 2021

On March 12, 2021, India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation released a new set of comprehensive drone laws and regulations applicable to all Category Systems registered in India. Each and every company or individual owning, possessing, or involved in exporting, importing, manufacturing, trading, leasing, transferring, operations, or maintenance of drones in India is bound to abide by all the rules and regulations newly aligned by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

15 Mar 21
Drones in Forestry and Wildlife

Forests are the most ancient and priceless possessions of nature and the biggest gift of nature to humankind. Without the forests, the survival of humankind on this planet would have been questionable.

22 Feb 21
Drone Powered City - The Perfect Smart City

The concept of a smart city prioritizes the widespread use of science and technology to improve the lives of its citizens. This includes developing efficient infrastructure with cutting-edge technology without raising costs, all while improving sustainability, ensuring proper disaster management while serving the public in a highly efficient way. As a developing country, India is aiming for a future with a handful number of smart cities.

18 Jan 21
IG Drones - Redefining the Mining Industry

With each passing day, the hazards of the manual survey in the mining areas are increasing by several folds. There is no doubt in the fact that the field of mining occupies a major section of the country’s economy. Yet, risking thousands of human lives, just to inspect the potential of these areas is not acceptable. Thus, it’s essential that major steps are taken to reduce rather alleviate the use of manual labour in the mining sites while carrying out the inspection process.

14 Dec 20
IG Drones - The best solution for Solar Panel Inspection

The continuous growth of the solar industry brings about a soaring demand for solar installations. The ease of extraction and cost effective nature of solar energy makes it an ideal substitute for the old conventional, highly polluting energy resources, causing its usage to increase.

29 Nov 20
IG Drones Revolutionizing the Railway Industry

With each passing day, the use of drones in business is significantly increasing especially in the Railway industry. They have been providing the industries with efficient and practical solutions to the problems that commonly arise in that field.

19 Oct 20
Rapid Aerial Assessment of Odisha Flood 2020 - A Case Study

Now a days, use of technology became advanced, drones are being used a lot in disaster management and provide an accurate image in significantly less time than manual identification by inspectors.

06 Oct 20
Drones in the Transmission Line Industry

The adaptation of drones in business is multiplying, and so in the transmission line industry, it is no exception. Drones provide efficient and practical solutions for the researches of transmission lines.

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