22 Dec

The Kumbh Mela is one of the most celebrated events in India, held a 49 days in the city of Allahabad. It is billed as the largest gathering of humanity on earth, with a crowd of more than 110 million people. But there is another reason to why this event is so famous; the mela is responsible for being the ground where thousands of people go missing.

Despite strong police supervision and constant monitoring, the lost ones rarely return to their families.  

The question arises. Why?

Due to lack of enough support? NO

Due to lack of proper supervision? NO

Due to lack of efficient crowd management? Exactly.

Usually, crowd monitoring is interrupted by uncontrolled traffic, high infrastructure, heavy vehicles, etc. Often such situations lead to unfavorable events such as chain snatching, loss of belongings, molestation, and at times, loss of lives due to stampede.

The solution lies in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 

Drones provide a wider-field view. As compared to the lateral constricted vision of humans, the drones with their high-resolution cameras and wider view can capture an overall picture of the mass gatherings. 

With high-quality data transmitted to ground-based teams in real-time, our drone operators are able to provide ground control officers and monitoring experts with the information they need to track various elements, such as the density and direction of crowds and their movement patterns. Teams are then able to plan manual operations that target certain areas based on the density of traffic in that area, subsequently decreasing risk factors. 

Not just that, UAVs can also focus on a specific area of interest and in turn, can provide the team with vital information about what exactly is happening on the ground. Such information can help ground personnel make critical decisions. 

In case of an emergency, the in-depth situational awareness will help the security team to respond efficiently in a timely manner which leads to efficient crowd management. Further, they can also be used for traffic management and criminal activity tracking.

With years of experience & expertise, IG Drones has developed UAVs that are well equipped to handle complicated crowds and traffic. With the latest technology, well-trained professionals, our drones are able to deliver exceptional service, helping crowd control teams to manage the crowd effectively. We have successfully provided our surveillance services in Rath Yatra & Kumbh Mela. Our ultimate aim is to optimize traffic control. Our ultimate aim is to optimize the current traffic control methods by encouraging a shift from manual techniques to drone monitoring.  

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