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Mahatma Gandhi once rightly said,


The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not everyone's greed

With the world advancing rapidly on the path of development, the needs of people are increasing a little more, each day and so is their GREED. In order to fulfill the needs, but mostly to satisfy their greed, humans started using, and then exploiting the natural resources. Up to an extent, where the non-renewable sources of energy such as coal, fossil fuels, etc have become nearly exhausted. All we are left abundantly with is renewable energy resources such as wind, tides, sunlight, geothermal heat, etc. Out of which, the SOLAR ENERGY is extensively and most-preferably used by humans to meet the increasing demand for energy in various spheres.

The continuous growth of the Solar Industry brings about a soaring demand for solar installations. The ease of extraction and cost-effective nature of solar energy makes it an ideal substitute for the old conventional, highly polluting energy resources, causing its usage to increase. 

All we need is a Solar Panel placed at an ideal angle and enough sunlight, the energy is all ours! 

During site development, the IG Drone collects data for topographic modeling, site shading assessment, and water body and generator proximity. Besides, a proper soil type analysis is also essential to understand how optimized a site is for power generation. A drone flyover during construction can provide progress reporting, project milestone completion validation, quality control, and logistic planning for easier project management and stakeholder oversight.

A greater life span and failure-free operation is a prerequisite condition for the solar panels and proper functioning cells are essential for effective power generation. Hence, the proper maintenance of the solar panels and the cells become the fundamental matter of concern. 

Drone-based Inspections of Solar Plants

The Solar Panels are installed in an area where they can receive an ample amount of sunlight. Thus they always remain exposed to UV Radiations, freezing wind, excessive humidity, etc. which over time, may lead to defects in the panel. Though it is not easily identifiable with system monitoring, weather damage can greatly impact the health and performance of the photovoltaic cells. Inverter anomalies are also a high priority issue that can drastically affect the power production of a solar site. 

These defects can significantly reduce the rate of energy production. Hence, it calls for immediate attention or may even lead to a major fire outbreak if left unchecked. 

Luckily, it can be easily repaired when detected early.

But these anomalies are very minute; hence remain undetected by naked eyes. So, we got to find an alternative!

Just like, ‘A stitch in time, saves nine’, we present to you IG Drones, the perfect preventive solution to your problem.

Drone-based Infrared Solar Panel Inspection

With the support of infrared imagery, quantitative data representing specific temperature values and qualitative data portraying temperature contrasted to other examined elements can be obtained. In Photovoltaic systems, thermal sensors such as microbolometer detectors are frequently utilized to identify and resolve defects in their early stages. Delamination and other module defects can be easily spotted in either thermal (radiometric) or RGB imagery with the help of our drones.

The main objective of the drones is to identify the underlying faults in the Solar Panels and get them repaired or replaced in time.  

We aim to maximize the efficiency of solar power generation profoundly detecting the issues hence minimizing the cost of maintenance

Our drones are well equipped with the most advanced technologies. They are capable of generating thermal images, 3D Models, and graphs highlighting the defects in the panel. IG Drone can easily scan for rooftops and arrays in a very less amount of time and pocket-friendly cost. After all, effective maintenance of the system is essential to obtain the best possible performance and a better return on investment.

Through Aerial Inspection, we diagnose the defective cells and generate high-resolution thermal images. Our experienced team members further analyze these images and lay down an ideal plan for panel repair and in most cases, replacement. 

To ensure a failure-free operation, a mechanism needs to be in place which is fast, simple, and reliable to evaluate. Hence, we offer regular thermal imaging inspections to ensure the safety and effective deployment of solar systems. By the method of geo-tagging, we can easily detect faulty modules in large areas such as in solar farms. Our drones improve the speed of the inspection process by effectively scanning large areas in a very short time frame, accurately enlisting areas of a potential problem.

Solar energy generation has now started gaining a wide perspective in the field of energy resources. Moreover, it has the capacity to outdo the use of exhausting non-renewable resources. In that case, it’s always wise to be a step ahead and start encouraging solar power usage in day-to-day lives.

All you need to do is install solar panels, and leave the rest to us!

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