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About IG Drones Bhubaneswar, Odisha

In 2017, IG Drones was established with an aim to provide enterprise drone solutions PAN India and revolutionise the conventional industrial methods using highly efficient drones. It is one of the leading service providers in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, backed by the state government. IG Drones uses drones to deliver drone survey solutions, drone mapping, and inspection services at height and in difficult-to-reach regions in all of Bhubaneswar & the surrounding areas.


IG Drones: India’s top Drone Service Provider Company

IG Drones is India’s leading Drone solutions company providing highly accurate & detailed GIS Survey, Topographic survey, Drone Inspection, Drone Mapping, Powerline Monitoring, Smart City Survey, Road Inspection & Survey, Mines Survey, Flood Assessment, Asset Monitoring, Solar Thermal Inspection, Security and Surveillance, Crop Health Monitoring, Volumetric Measurement, Drone 3D Mapping & Modelling, Aerial Photography & Videography and many more using advanced drone technology and providing meaningful data for businesses using the latest in cutting-edge drone technology. Since 2017, IG Drones has been delivering high-quality drone survey and mapping services in Bhubaneswar and other regions of Odisha

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We have clients across Odisha like - Coal India-MCL, National Rice Research Institute (NRRI), The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Aditya Birla HINDALCO, Aditya Birla Renewables, Odisha Government, Works Department-Odisha Govt., Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC), Odisha Construction Corporation (OCC), Odisha Bridge & Construction Corporation Limited (OB&CC) etc

Coal India
Aditya Birla (Hindalco )
Aditya Birla (Renewables )
Govt . of Odisha
Works Department, Government of Odisha
Odisha Bridge & Construction Corporation Limited

Our Recently Completed Projects

At IG DRONES, we are always working on something new! We are proud of our latest work.

Some of our notable drone services across the industries include

  • Drone Based Topographical Alignment survey of Shree Setu of Abhada Yojana of Odisha Government
  • Drone based bridge Inspection Works of East Cost Railway, Sambalpur Division
  • Drone Based GIS mapping and geo tagging of East Coast Railway, Sambalpur Division
  • Progress Monitoring of Construction Works using Drone Videography, Khurdha Division, East Coast Railway
  • Drone Based Thermal Monitoring and Topographical Survey of Coal India MCL Mines in Odisha
  • Drone Based Agriculture Crop Health Monitoring NRRI
  • Drone based topographical land survey, volumetric assessment of Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) Pond Survey
  • Drone based periodic volumetric measurement of Aditya Birla HINDALCO Plant in Jharsuguda, Odisha
  • Drone Based Topographical Survey of Joda Flyover
  • Aditya Birla Renewables Solar Plant Drone Survey in Bargarh, Odisha
  • Drone and DGPS Rural Water Supply Pipeline Alignment Survey in Jagatsinghpur, Odisha
  • Drone Based topographical Survey of Bhubaneswar Smart City Redevelopment Projects – Lingaraj Periphery Upgradation
  • Drone Based topographical survey of SCB Medical Renovation Works Survey
  • Drone Aerial Videography Survey for Cuttack Taladanda Canal Renovation
  • Drone Based Forest Fire Monitoring Sambalpur, Odisha
  • Drone Based Topographical Survey of River Mahanadi
  • Drone Based Topographical Survey of River Brahamani
  • Drone Based Topographical Survey of proposed fishing jetty in Hirakud
  • Drone Based Mines and Road Alignment Survey in Keonjhar, Odisha
  • Drone Based Topographical Survey of Sasubohumali Mines Survey Koraput, Odisha
  • Drone Based Flood Damage Analysis of Jajpur Flood
  • Drone Based Damage Analysis of Cyclone Fani

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By leveraging breakthrough Drone technology, IG DRONES create an adaptive and scalable end-to-end solution. Our Aerial Survey, Mapping & Inspection Services have assisted the government and business sectors of the country in maintaining assets to their full capacity. We offer Drone based Powerline Monitoring, Industrial Inspection, Bridge Inspection, Solar Plant Inspection, Pipeline Inspection, Railway Services (Survey, Mapping & Inspection), Smart City Survey, Road Inspection, Mine Survey, Agricultural Survey, Forest & Wildlife Survey, Disaster Assessment, Wind Turbine Blades Inspection, Port Survey, Buildings and Skyscrapers Inspection, and Monuments Inspection, among other things. Our experience in Land Surveying, Aerial Surveying for Land Management & Development, Land Slope Monitoring, Stockpile Volumetric Measurements, Designing Smart Cities, and other areas has been unrivalled.

What kinds of deliverables can you expect with drone surveying in Bhubaneswar?

IG Drones aims to provide Aerial Drone Surveying, Mapping & Inspection services throughout Odisha. Our experience in Land Surveying, Aerial Surveying for Land Management & Development, Land Slope Monitoring, Stockpile Volumetric Measurements, Designing Smart Cities, Mapping Greenfield Projects, and other areas has been unrivalled. IG Drones places a premium on quality and, as a result, consistently produces highly accurate topographic maps with centimetre-level accuracy at all times. Our clients get the deliverables faster thanks to high-end surveying drones and a team of expert licenced pilots. This promotes more agile decision-making.

Deliverables we provide:

  • Orthomosaic Maps
  • 3D Point Cloud
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Contour Maps
  • 3D Textured Mesh
  • AutoCAD / GIS Drawing with All feature Markings
  • Contour Survey file in AUTOCAD DWG format
  • Cross Section and Long Sections of the Land Profiles
  • Volumetric Measurement Cut, Fill Analysis Report
  • Post-processed Drone Video with Feature markings
  • Aerial Photography
  • AI powered Inspection Report

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