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IG Drones are used for project progress monitoring and ensure accountability and increased efficiency. They are also used to inspect railway infrastructure such as bridges, OHE, rooftops and inaccessible railway infrastructure regularly without putting lives at risk while avoiding down-time and blocks. There is a compelling no. of ability problems possible and task of suspecting thousands of miles of track stretching across. We offer a platform that enables us divining maintenance that not only reduces the costs and the hazardous operations of ground team but also boost the speed and rigor of data collection.

The applications of drones in railways include preparing contour maps of the area where new rail lines are proposed, 3D models of stations for visualization and 3D models of the terrain to draw accurate plans. GIS mapped data can be used to calculate the length of track laid and create 3D models to help project managers map potential risks to construction. IG Drones can also be used for periodic assessment of assets, inspect hard-to-reach areas such as bridges and tunnels, monitor electrical works along the length of railway tracks as well as inspect them for corrosion and cracks or fractures. IG Drones can be used as first responders in case of natural calamities by quickly assessing damages in railway network and providing crucial insights to emergency personnel.


  • GIS mapped data for track length calculation
  • Mapping of railway trajectorial radius & their surroundings
  • 3D Models of Stations &Terrain for visualization &accurate planning
  • Periodic assessment of assets
  • Preparing contour maps of area where new rail lines are proposed
  • Inspection of hard-to-reach areas such as bridges & tunnels
  • Map potential risks to constructions
  • Progress Monitoring of ongoing projects
  • Thermal imagery of tracks for fault analysis
  • Alternative geodata acquisition technology that doesn’t interfere in railway operations
  • Quick assessment of the damages in railway network providing crucial insights to emergency personnel

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