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IG Drones have provided critical support in search and rescue operations post-natural disasters complementing search and rescue helicopters, making them an essential part of the NDRF tool box. IG Drones can accurately relay real-time information which plays an important role in the civil security of cities and provides the civic administration to deploy proactive measures rather than reactive measures – such a decision-making process is a hallmark of a smart city concept. In India, Drones have played a great role in crowd control measures for the police during events involving religious gatherings.

With the integration of IG Drones with mobile applications, secure wireless networks, can help smart cities become a safe place. It can be used to map sites for a metro project, bus transit or even a bicycle path. With the need to advance smart city programmes quickly, drones offer flexibility, allowing surveyors to map long corridors efficiently at the start of projects and collect in-depth data to aid decision-making at an earlier stage.


  • Assessment of current social & environmental conditions
  • Analysis of 3D Models
  • Map Preparation for experimental perspective of development projects
  • Encroachment Assessment via Smart Visualization
  • Relatively less time & lower costs
  • Repeated inspections to determine early deterioration, historic comparisons
  • Higher speed and accuracy than conventional inspection methods
  • Streamline workflows in significantly less time

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