Forest & Wildlife Survey

IG Drones can revolutionize the way forest and wildlife conservation research is conducted. Drones provide a bird’s-eye view of forests and wildlife and obtain information, imagery, and data that may be hard to access or expensive. Drones not only act as an alternative method for the conversationalists with added safety to observe and study subjects but also are often less costly, more efficient, and more precise than traditional approaches.

IG Drones can assist in tracking illegal activities, monitor animals, count their population, plan reforestation, Wildlife Habitat Mapping, Real Time Monitoring of active fires, poaching activities Monitoring over periodic basis, assessment of growing stock, biomass & increment in forest cover. Drones for forest and wildlife gives us a better tomorrow by assessing forest health, encroachments, tree-felling, forest fires, poaching, status of water bodies, biodiversity protection, and mangrove conservation.The utilization of Drone Technology has developed rapidly in the forest for preparation of Working Plans, Survey, Demarcation & in Forest Resource Assessment. Drones furnished with high resolution cameras can operate and capture accurate imagery along with geospatial metadata.


  • Geo-spatial Database for National Park/Sanctuaries/Biosphere Reserve
  • Monitoring of Area Coverage & Survival percentage of Plantation or Afforestation
  • Forest Type Thematic Mapping
  • Inventory of Forest/Tree Resources
  • Poaching activities Monitoring over periodic basis
  • Real Time Monitoring of active fires
  • Health Tracking of Forest
  • Human Wildlife Conflict Management
  • Round the Clock monitoring of threatened species
  • Land Use Land Cover Maps
  • Assessment of mining leases in forest areas

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