Solar Plant Inspection

Valuable use cases have been proven across pre-construction, commissioning, and operations & maintenance for not only the PV system itself, but also for surrounding infrastructure like utility lines, substations, and fencing. The basic objective of our IG Drones is to identify the damaged solar panels so they can be restored by the manufacturers while they are in warranty, maximize output and primitively addressing issues thus minimizing maintenance cost. Thermal Imaging and Aerial inspections are provided by us for correct and detailed inspections quicker.

IG Drones key objective is to identify the faulty Solar Panels so they can be replaced by the manufacturers while they are in warranty, maximize output/efficiency and proactively addressing issues thus minimizing maintenance cost. We leverage drone Thermal Imaging and Aerial Inspections to provide accurate and detailed inspections quicker and more cost effectively. Value of Drones for Solar Farm Inspection are Rapid and Easy scans for Roof tops and arrays, Hot spot identification showing defective cells / Geotagged image, Diagnostic purpose / planning of Panel placement, Infrared signatures show defective panels, Keep the solar farm running at peak efficiency, save time with pre-selected way point aerial inspections.


  • Thermal Imagery for rapid in-depth infrared signatures & hot spots of defective panels
  • Visual Data Analysis powered by AI
  • Cloud based platform for easy sharing of inspection results
  • MThermodiagnosis of photovoltaic power plants
  • Higher speed and accuracy than conventional inspection methods
  • Streamline workflows in significantly less time
  • Relatively less time & lower costs
  • Proactively address anomalies and maximize output

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