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IG Drones provide an immediate shot of field in fraction of time it would take to scout on foot. Cover hundreds of hectare s in a single flight, capturing that helps detect and identify differently and areas of crop stress. IG Drones can help farmers calculate exact land sizes, classify types of crops and also plan their harvesting. In India, there are over 35 drone start-ups that are working to raise the technological standards and reduce the prices of agriculture drones.

IG Drones provide growers, service providers, and ag researchers a fast and efficient way to scout their crops, identify stress, create treatment plans, track plant growth, and much more. Using high-resolution RGB cameras can detect and quantify crop health problems early on. These valuable insights can reduce input costs and boost yield. Use IG Drones data to generate prescription maps and plans, focusing treatments more efficiently and reducing costs. Gain insights that complement other agronomic tools.

E.g., for soil / leaf sampling, instead of randomized sampling, drone data can direct you to the best places to sample, saving time and money. track how crops are progressing from emergence through harvest. Accurately monitor fields for phenotyping and other research applications. Periodic capture of calibrated data from professional multispectral sensors offer insights into crop health regardless of illumination changes, giving you the needed data to derive quantitative trends.


  • Faster & steadier flights for crystal clear picture
  • In-depth situational analysis of fungal infestation
  • High-grade soil & contour reading from the sky
  • Mapping of low-lying areas for irrigation planning

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